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                      Transportation and Logistics

                      With Complex Supply Chains, Visibility & Orchestration are Key

                      An increased visibility in supply chains has been a strategic objective for a long time. Today, this objective becomes even more important with an increasing supply chain complexity and speed of delivery. The need to drive orchestration across all related parties increases.

                      Optimized end-to-end management of materials, inventories, transportation, distribution and overall logistics execution are required; with a secure way of integrating subcontractors and customers, as well as internal systems and operators.

                      Delivery Driver

                      Common Challenges in Transportation and Logistics

                      Supply chain unvisible

                      When stock is shipped with subcontractors, supply chain visibility is often lost

                      Out of stocks

                      Delayed access to consumtion or sales data can cause out of stocks throughout the supply chain

                      Unexpected events

                      Incidents during transport can cause delivery issues and delays, and reduce customer satisfaction

                      Counter complaints

                      POD seldom allows registering the condition of goods and later complaints are hard to counter

                      Missed Sales

                      Unconnected processes cause missed revenues from cross sales opportunities

                      Solve these challenges with a powerful mobile solution

                      The Movilizer Cloud for Transportation & Logistics

                      Diagram Transport and Logistics

                      Achieve more with Movilizer

                      Incoming Goods and Verification

                      30% decrease in inbound verification and data-collection time:

                      • Receipt and verification in one go
                      • No manual check of delivery notes against ASNs in backoffice
                      • Proof of Receipt with image evidence
                      • Reduction in overall time, hence in costs of quality assurance activities


                      Incoming Goods And Verfication
                      Stock Movement

                      Stock Movement

                      100% visibility of warehouse - Keep digital and physical movements parallel:

                      • Realtime suggestion for put-away locations, based on complex ERP strategies 
                      • Immediate availability of new material, no delay in time with finishing paperwork in backoffice


                      Inventory Management

                      50% decrease of inventory costs:

                      • Cycle counting to reduce counting efforts and to enforce more operational discipline
                      • Stock adjustments on-the-fly and verified 
                      • Real-time stock overview


                      Inventory Management
                      Replenishment And Picking

                      Replenishment and Picking

                      15% increase of outbound stock movement performance:

                      • ERP-optimized picklists to optimize warehouse routes
                      • Boost accuracy with scanning bin, material and picking cart
                      • Automated replenishment to have the right material on the right place at the right time


                      Packing and Loading

                      100% traceability of loading and transfer of risk:

                      • Improve packing accuracy and performance
                      • Reduce customer complaints on damaged goods with photo-based proof of loading


                      Packing And Loading
                      Proof of Delivery

                      Proof Of Delivery

                      100% traceability of delivery processes:

                      • PoD with digital signature, GPS and photo capture 
                      • Real-time processing to provide updated tracking information to customers


                      Fleet Maintenance

                      25% increase of fleet uptime:

                      • Run preventive maintenance
                      • Repairs done faster 
                      • More frequent meter readings
                      • Allow drivers to create tickets when malfunctions are detected


                      Fleet Maintenance

                      App Catalog

                      Movilizer offers more than 2200 different apps for each of your processes

                      Business Benefits

                      A powerful cloud solution enables you to implement your strategies in the field

                      Field Operations

                      Movilizer mobilizes and interconnects any field operation or mission-critical process

                      References & Case studies

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