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                      Utilities and Services

                      Uninterrupted Availability and Customer Service are Crucial

                      Customer service has become the crucial competitive advantage of day-to-day business for companies in utilities and services. To maintain competitiveness and profitability, companies need to interact with customers and perform the required work orders with all information available, as well as register activities and data immediately in the right system.

                      This requires a fine orchestration of field operations across multiple stakeholders, internal and external, and processes, with critical business challenges to overcome. 



                      Maintenance in the field

                      Common Challenges in Utilities and Services

                      Delayed intervention

                      In case of failure, customer systems want intervention as soon as possible

                      Limited Access

                      Also for less common equipment, documentation and manuals need to be available offline

                      Data-capture errors

                      Any manual entry in meter reading opens margins for errors and loss of revenues

                      Unavailable parts

                      Service engineers arriving on-site without the right spare parts cause a huge rise in costs

                      Matching skills

                      In an intervention the skills of the engineer need to match the requirements on site

                      Solve these challenges with a powerful mobile solution

                      The Movilizer Cloud for Utilities & Services

                      Diagram Utilities and Services

                      Achieve more with Movilizer

                      Smart Meter Rollouts

                      Smart Meter Rollouts & Replacement

                      Save up to 35% of time and decrease the amount of wrong meter replacements by 85%:

                      • Info about the right materials to be exchanged
                      • Optical Meter reading/replacement 
                      • Online Sync to have real-time validation against the system


                      Engage with End Customers via Apps

                      50% less complaints, 20% less meter readings and 2x faster payments with an end customer app:

                      • Provide consumption reports to end consumer 
                      • Allow consumer to pay bill in app 
                      • Allow consumer to take own meter readings with images
                      • Inform consumers about interruptions easily


                      Engage with End Customers
                      Faster Cash Collection

                      Faster Cash Collections, less Disconnections & Reconnections

                      Increase cash collections and 10% decrease of disconnections/reconnections:

                      • Provide technicians and meter readers relevant information 
                      • Allow any person visiting the consumer to collect money


                      More Cross-Selling and Revenue

                      Not only salesmen, but all technicians and meter readers have access to a mobile app to present new products and capture leads.

                      • Bundles: internet + phone + tv 
                      • Different utility plans 
                      • Other utility offers


                      More Cross Selling
                      Faster Reactive Maintenance

                      Faster Reactive Maintenance

                      Decrease 20% of technicians' reaction times in grid, gas and water pipes:

                      • Provide just the right information for every order 
                      • Use priorities on order lists with multiple parameters
                      • Monitor SLAs constantly


                      More Preventive Maintenance

                      Increase 25% of asset uptime in grid, gas and water pipes:

                      • Monitor meter readings on more regular basis 
                      • Connect technicians to smart equipment
                      • Make M2M data actionable 


                      Preventive Maintenance
                      Health And Safety Compliance

                      Health & Safety Compliance

                      Ensure 100% compliance and save 25% of administration time by:

                      • Standardize and digitalize all health and safety forms 
                      • Monitor non-compliance
                      • Tigger alerts when compliance is breached


                      Warehouse Inventory Management

                      10% decrease of inventory efforts:

                      • Digitalize all warehouse movements 
                      • Increase transparency of existing inventory
                      • Facilitate mobile ordering of spare parts
                      • Allow technicians to share tools and spare parts
                      • Optimize material and spare part consumption reports


                      Warehouse Inventory Management

                      App Catalog

                      Movilizer offers more than 2200 different apps for each of your processes

                      Business Benefits

                      A powerful cloud solution enables you to implement your strategies in the field

                      Field Operations

                      Movilizer mobilizes and interconnects any field operation or mission-critical process

                      References & Case studies

                      We helped these companies already with a successful mobile approach